Cherokee Baptist Association - Centre, Alabama
Cherokee Baptist Association
Wednesday, January 19, 2022





7         WMU Christmas Prayer Brunch, CBA, 9:30-11:30 AM
           Focus on IMB Missions
24-25  Christmas Eve & Christmas Day    Office Closed
31       New Year's Eve   
Office Closed


1         New Year’s Day

2-9      January Bible Study (suggested dates) Psalms                                           “The Character of God”
16         Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
17         Executive Committee Meeting, CBA, 7:00 PM
28-29    State Bible Drill Retreat, Shocco Springs


         Food Pounding Collection
         for the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home
         more info will be sent to your church
10     VBS Early Bird Clinic for Pastors and                                                     Directors, CBA, 6:00 PM; RSVP
12     Children’s Mission Day
13     Racial Reconciliation Sunday
14-20  Focus on WMU Week
18-19  Bi-Vocational Minister/Spouse Retreat, Shocco Springs
20       World Hunger Sunday - Offering
27-28 “Sharing Hope” State Evangelism Conference,
           Pelham First Baptist Church